About us

ClickToTrip is a website where you can choose the best hotel price in the world

Website ClickToTrip.com is a free search engine that cooperates with all the online hotel and airline reservation and car rental systems. Now we are able to offer our users more than 470 thousand hotels around the world. Our main service allows you to compare all of the existing hotel rates and choose the best price.

ClickToTrip.com advantages

  • The best selection of hotels
  • Free services
  • The best price guarantee
  • User-friendly interface that makes it easy to find the right hotel deals

The site ClickToTrip.com is a smoothly running system which work is closely watched by professionals. The idea to create a useful, but free site for travelers brought together experienced web developers, programmers, designers, editors, translators, marketing consultants, tourism and recreation experts. We are able to solve systematic problems and achieve the desired goals.

Operating procedure of ClickToTrip.com

To find the right hotels and compare their prices, choose a city, specify the dates and click search. The system will display all the available hotel options. With filters you can select hotels according to the number of stars, price, location, services, and other criteria.

Shortlist feature saves your favorite hotels in descriptive tables and allows you to share the information with friends via social networks.

You will be presented with a list of all existing rates and reservation systems for each hotel. You can select the most favorable prices and go directly to the operator website for the reservation.

All further actions will take place on the site of the operator in charge of the booking process. Service ClickToTrip.com allows only comparing rates. No payments can be made on our website.

Our Principles

ClickToTrip.com pays much attention to the content actuality. All information is thoroughly tested for authentication. For the sake of our users’ interests we never allow publishing of artificially made rating or review.

The above is also true of the choice of our partners. Only reliable reservation operators are involved in the system of ClickToTrip.com hotel ratings.

Save with ClickToTrip.com

Make sure right now that using the site ClickToTrip.com you will really save money. For example, check the cost of the hotel from your last trip. A significant price difference or a last minute hotel deal can be seen for high-class or luxury spa hotels. Chances are there are quite available offers that you have not even suspected of.

Add ClickToTrip.com in the ‘Favorites’ as from now you will often use it!