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Beijing hotels - where to stay

Many tourists think of Beijing only in connection with the huge number of the Chinese and Beijing roasted duck. Meanwhile, Beijing is a very interesting city that combines the latest trends of the West and the traditions of the East. Here, five hundred temples are found alongside the skyscrapers and pedicab is no less popular than modern taxi. Fancy intertwining of the past and the future is worth of admiring.

What to do and what to see
It is very convenient to move through Beijing as public transport and taxis are cheap here. In the capital of China there are many bicycle rental services where you can also download an interactive map of the city to your mobile device. If you plan just a short-term stay in Beijing then you should visit the Great Wall of China, the nearest part of which is located just 60 km from the city. We also recommend you to take a walk to the Forbidden City that you may have heard about. Many hotels in Beijing, for example, The Emperor Hotel, offer accommodation next to the Forbidden City.

Beijing is one of the few cities that can boast of well-preserved monuments of ancient architecture. You should see the Temple of Heaven - a magnificent architectural complex built at the beginning of the XV century. The so-called Garden of Peace and Harmony (aka Summer Imperial Palace) which embodied all the beauty of China deserves your attention as well.

Where to stay
Those who decided to visit Beijing to not only walk around historical places but also go shopping will like The Opposite House Hotel located next to the trendy boutiques. read more

It is in the top ten hotels in Beijing and provides calm repose in the heart of the capital. Travelers wishing to stay closer to the airport should pay attention to the CITIC Hotel Beijing Airport. This hotel is suitable if Beijing is a transit point for you.

How to choose the best hotel
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