Website, hereafter the Site, provides legal privacy to its users. The Site does not transfer the user data to the third parties, does not make known to public, and does not involve to other projects.

The user is an absolute owner of the personal information voluntarily provided to the Site and entirely responsible for its content. The user can change the data, record new data, delete it in part or in full at any time without notice to the Site.

Logging on the Site

The user can log on the Site providing a valid e-mail address and a password. Each address corresponds to a single password and this combination is unique. The user is solely responsible for the safety of the password. On the part of the Site the e-mail address is not made ​​known public.

The Site has the right to refuse the registration or delete the access of any user registered in its sole discretion without giving any reason.


The Site is available to the user without registration as well. The user’s work with the Site is traced by ‘Cookies’ file thanks to which the Site can recognize the user on subsequent visits. Cookies keep information about completed steps of the user and use it to optimize further actions. This experience widely applied in the Internet helps to analyze the processes occurring on the Site in order to improve the technical devices of the system.

A good example is the Shortlist. The user creates its own list of hotels and sites to save it in the memory of the Site. Sometime later, again on the Site, the user can continue working with the list.

No payments on the Site

The Site draws your attention to the fact no payments are directly made on the Site! The Site does not require the user to enter data with a credit card. The Site never sends the user’s e-mail a requirement to provide credit card details. The user makes all the hotel reservations including currency transactions on the websites of the online booking operators.