Terms of Use

1. Definitions and acceptance

Using the website www.ClickToTrip.com, hereafter ‘the Site’, you agree to the conditions and terms of use, hereafter ‘the Terms’ set forth in the document.

The site provides services for hotels search, price comparison, technical assistance, hereafter ‘the Services’.

The Site introduces the descriptions of the hotels, pictures, hotel rates, reviews, hereafter ‘the Information’.

The Site shows rates for each hotel from every available online reservation system, hereafter ‘the Price’. Only online booking operators are responsible for prices.

We reserve the right to unilaterally amend the terms of the document without warning or notification to the users of the Site .

2 . Use policy

  • All the Services of the Site are allowed for free use.
  • It is forbidden to carry out any steps that may cause malfunction of the Site or incorrect display of the Information.
  • It is forbidden to attempt to access the technical core of the Site.
  • It is forbidden to initiate processes that can lead to unnecessarily high load on the Site.

3 . Operation of the Site

You enter into the financial relationship directly with the online reservation operators which set prices. There are no cash transactions on the Site. The Site is not related to the transactions on credit cards, does not require the input of data for making any payments. The Site gives an opportunity only to compare prices.

4 . Access to the Site

You acknowledge that you are a full-aged person according to the legislation of the country of your citizenship.

The Site has the right to suspend its work at any desired time, take preventive maintenance at a convenient time with or without notice to users.

5 . Limitation of liability

  • You are responsible for the accuracy of the perception of the Information and make a decision on the choice of the hotel guided by your own desires.
  • You choose the Price by your own and you can not lay claims to the Site based solely on your actions.
  • The Site is not responsible for the content of online reservation systems.
  • The Site is not responsible for the Information that accommodation facilities provide: hotels, hostels, guest houses , etc.

6. Nonwarranty clause

The Site displays the Information in a real form, ‘as is’, and rejects a claim on the inconsistency of the Information to any expectations. The site does not guarantee that the Information will fully meet your requirements.

7. Intellectual Property Rights

All the information, articles, reviews, hereafter ‘the Content’ that do not fall under the term ‘the Information’ are considered intellectual property of the Site and protected by the copyright laws. The Site publishes materials solely for your information. It is forbidden to use the Content without the prior written consent of the Site: copy, publish on other sites, distribute, modify, or perform any activity other than reading and watching.

8. Quality control

The Site allows spelling and other errors or inaccuracies in the Content. Due to the total lack of charging the Site refuses to accept claims against posted Content. The Site has the right to make any changes or add and remove the Content without notice to users.